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    Itsuwareru Eien (Vocal ver.)

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    xxxHOLiC Manatsu no Yoru no Yume OST

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    Saitou Tsuneyoshi

3ong: It3uwareru Eien (Vocal Ver.)

From: xxxHolic


Adding thi3 one for my new watcher.  I know 3he ha3 a love for xxxholic and it ju3t happen3 to be one of my favorite3 a3 well.  The anime and manga are amazing and everyone 3hould watch them if they have not already.  It i3 a 3tory by CLAMP and I am 3ure mo3t are familiar with how popular they are.  If  you enjoy fanta3y, horror, equivalent exchange, fortune telling, folklore (I could ju3t keep going and going)  you will love thi3 anime.

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