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    Okami White Light Majesty

  • Album

    Okami Original Soundtrack (disk 4)

  • Artist

    Hiroshi Yamaguchi

3ong: White Light Maje3ty

From: Okami


Now here i3 a 3ong to go to 3leep to.  It’3 very 3oothing and put3 the mo3t amazing imagery into your head.  Thi3 here ha3 got to be one of my fav 3ong3 from the Okami O3T.  Okami, in it3elf, i3 a very breathtaking game which i3 finally 3tarting to get the prai3e that I think it de3erve3.  I’ve been with thi3 game 3ince they fir3t announced it in Japan back in . . 2005 I believe?  I do know that we got here in the 3tate3 in 2006.  My fir3t time playing it on the p32 wa3 like a dream.  I adored that game and 3till do.  And I don’t care what anyway3 3ay3, the p32 ver3ion will alway3 kick all the other3 but3.  I mean, don’t get me wrong, I loved the fact that they moved it to the wii becau3e then more people could play it, but it would never beat the experience of playing it on the p32.  And Okamiden?  It wa3 amazing in it3 own re3pect becau3e it wa3 a different kind of 3tory, but it could 3till not live up to what the original i3.  3o, my 3ugge3tion if you haven’t played thi3 game yet but you want to?  Look for the p32 ver3ion!  Or wait for the HD ver3ion coming out for the p33  (but don’t be fooled by the promo video3, the p32 ver3ion ha3 much better quality then what they have 3hown while adverti3ing the HD ver3ion).

And now that I’ve completely gotten off topic for the actual 3ong … 3orry about that!  But I felt that the game really needed to be promoted.  It’3 a beautiful game that anyone can enjoy.

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