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    Blue Submarine No. 6 Original Soundtrack Part. 2

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    The Thrill

3ong: Kaijuu

By: The Thrill

From:  Blue 3ubmarine No. 6

Here’3 the fir3t 3ong for my blog!! 3o I have thi3 love for the anime/movie Blue 3ubmarine No. 6 (and Mutio), and thi3 here i3 one of my fav 3ong3 from the album.  It took me forever to get my hand3 on it (the 3ong and the movie).  I have a hard time deciding if I like thi3 3ong or Requiem more, but I decided to po3t thi3 one.  I will purrobably po3t Requiem in the future.

For now enjoy thi3 eccentric mu3ic!! It’3 alway3 given me a lot of in3piration and hopefully it will give other3 in3piration a3 well.

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